Helicopter flights, motor bike rides, mountain bike tours, paragliding, zip line, rafting, canyoning, rock climbing – our cool adventures packages include one in all or all in one. Choose to dare – but keep in mind that all adventures are very safe and conducted by professional instructors.


Mountain Biking

Mountain bike through the outskirts of the valley or for more fun ride through the beautiful terrains of the country with our expert mountain bike guide. Come prepared riding on the beauty is not as easy as we think.


Motor Biking

Our trialed and customized motor bike tours through the country takes you through different landscapes. Ride solo, with your pillion or with a pack of like minded adventurers…

9N-AKF helicopter owned by Simrik Air

Helicopter Tours

Get the ‘Heli High’ with one of our helicopter tours. Our packages include flights from pilgrim sites to getting close up views of the beautiful mountains…


Rafting Rivers

Rafting is one of the most popular adventure sports in Nepal. Considered a team sport, rafting is team work and fun in the wild rapids in different parts of the country.


Dare it All

As the name says, these packages include a bit of everything. If you are like us, you will love the special packages we have included. Take a peek…